МакЛин Сазерленд
Англоговорящий преподаватель
Доктор теологии, BA in English Literature
Сфера научных интересов:



Princeton University – Studies in engineering and BA in English Literature - 1954-58

Dallas Theological Seminary – ThM, majoring in New Testament Lit. and Exegesis  - 1958-62

University of Washington – Summer Institute of Linguistics - 1964

The King’s College – courses in philosophy & psychology - 1973-74

University of Grenoble, France – 1st & 2nd degrees, French language & literature - 1969-70

Russian Language Ministries – 6 months of intensive Russian language studies - 1993-94

Professional Experience

Bible translator & teacher to Huli Tribe, Papua New Guinea - 1966-68

College Pastor, the King’s College  - 1968-69

Missionary to students at University of Grenoble, France - 1969-92

Instructor, CIFEM Bible School, Grenoble - 1975-92

Singles’ pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, NYC - 1978-79

Bible Teacher, chaplain, church pastor of Black Forest Academy, Germany - 1989-90

Missionary to students, U. of Mulhouse, Alsace, France - 1990-91

Evangelistic campaigns in Russian Far East, Magadan & Vladivostok - 1992

Lectures to secular universities of Odessa, on Bible, ethics, apologetics,etc. - 1995-2007

Teach courses at the International University Vienna, and at the Open Christian University Odessa (Ukraine) - 2001-2011

Professional honors

Medal of Honor from Odessa Open Christian Economic and Humanitarian University

Master of Theology Diploma from same.

Doctor of Theology Diploma from  same.

In various places and at various times I have had the honor of being named by my students as their favorite teacher/preacher.


Living:  French, Spanish, Huli, English, Russian

Dead:  Classical & Koine Greek, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, biblical Hebrew

Research & Publications

English Lit. thesis:  “Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Doctrine of Sin” (Princeton, 1958)

New Testament textual criticism thesis:  “Is There a Byzantine Family of New Testament Manuscripts?” (Dallas, 1962)

Various brochures, such as “The Collapse of Evolution” (L’Ecroulement de l’Evolution-1992)

And “What must be in order for that which is to be what it is?” (2010)