Элер Бернхард
Англо- и русскоговорящий преподаватель
Доктор филологических наук, профессор
E-mail: be@mm.st




Сфера научных интересов:


1973 - Latinum Magnum in Cologne (Germany).

1973-1975 - Theological Training Fellowship of Jesus: Lebensschule Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

1975 - Ecumenical Theological Training Haute-Savoie (France).

1975-1976 - Ecumenical Theological Training Latroun, Jerusalem (Israel/Palestine).

1977-1978 - University Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg (Germany), Slavic and Historical Faculties.

1978 - Central Institute for Foreign Languages (ZFI), Hamburg.

1978-1979 - Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (Germany), Slavic and Historical Faculties.

1979-1983 - University Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Institute for Eastern European History: Scientific Assistant, Research and Dissertation ("Prom.o.Ex."). Thesis: Church and State in Russia Between 1905 and 1917 - Progressive Church Initiatives.

1992 - Marketing Training Institute, Hamburg (Certificate).

2010 - Conferment of the Doctorate of Philological Sciences from Open Christian University Odessa (Ukraine).

Teaching and Appointments:

1983-1989 - Training Director for Adult Education at Central Church St Peter, Hamburg (Germany). Weekend Training Courses for Adults. Founding First City Network With More Than Fifty Training Home Groups in 1989.

1985-1989 - Giving Adult Training Seminars in Hungary, German Democratic Republic, and Poland.

1989-1992 - Trainer for Adult Russian Immigrants in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg (Germany).

1992-1995 - Trainer for Polish Young Adults and International Jewish Holocaust Survivors at Ecumenical Debe Wielki Center near Warszawa (Poland).

1995-1996 - Trainer in an Experimental Project for Young Adults in Minsk (Belarus).

1996-1997 - Developing Training Programs for Polish NGO Working in Belarus and Ukraine (Krakow, Poland).

1997-1998 - Founder and Director of Training Center for Young Adults in Sczcecinek (North-Poland).

1999-2009 - National Director Ukraine for American Training Association International Messengers, Clear Lake (USA).

1999-2009 - Founder and Director of Russian-English Training Center for Global Outreach in Odessa (Ukraine). Various Connected Additional Training Projects on the Crimea, Donetsk, Sumy, Lvov, Kiev, Odessa.

2003-2011 - Corresponding Instructor/Tutor for the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago (USA).

2005-2009 - Instructor Philosophy, Biblical Literature, German Language, and Academic Methodology at the International University Vienna (Odessa Branch), and at the Philological Faculty, Open Christian University Odessa (Ukraine).

2009 - Appointment as President/Rector of the American David Livingstone University Florida [AUF], Miami (USA).


1989-1992 - Northern German Marketing Director for Art Publishing House Hartung Edition, Neumuenster, Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg (Germany).

 2009-2010 - Director Staff Care for NGO International Messengers in Krakow (South-Poland).

2010-2011 - Launching Training Program for Adults at Veilsdorf, Eishausen (East-Germany). Marketing Research Higher Education in Germany for the AUF.

2011 - Launching Research Project: "Egyptian Higher Education and the Impact on Neighboring Arabic Countries", Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria (Egypt). Marketing Research Higher Education in Egypt and Sudan for the AUF.